Part of our goal in serving clients is to work with all of their advisors, including CPAS, attorneys, family members, trustees and other valued advisors.  We believe that collaborating as a team with all of your advisors will help ensure that everyone attends to your well-being.  If we are able to collaborate with your other advisors we can better assist in establishing your life plan.

Working with Raymond James

As an office, Pentas Wealth Management does not hold assets on behalf of clients. Since 2006, Raymond James has provided such custodial and brokerage services to our clients. Today, more than 7,800 advisors across the country trust Raymond James to service their business. Beyond holding and maintaining client assets, Raymond James helps support our business in many important ways including: providing access to leading investment research; surrounding our team with professionals on a broad range of client oriented topics; offering operational and trading support to the Pentas team and our clients; and enabling us to access market leading technologies. Through our relationship with Raymond James we are able to provide comprehensive range of industry resources and professionalism. Together, we can serve all of our clients better with an expanded array of value-added services.

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